June 23, 2024

4 thoughts on “What is this mysterious image? – Maquetas de Auquimarca

  1. Hello, I’ve done lots of research on this subject in Ecuador, Peru and Chile, and I can tell you this is typical of a student project made in southern Peru. You can see that in this area and in northern Bolivia, its standard practice to reinforce dig sites with mud brick walls (as seen at the Akapana Pyramid, Tiwanaku).

    This is an example of that; where flat plates and blocks from an ancient site were used, with mud, to creatively reconstruct the walls of this recently excavated dig site.

  2. I got curious to find out whatsoever regarding these images. But then I looked at the right lower corner and there is a box written ARKI Junior. Then I found this site – https://arkijunior.wordpress.com/page/4/. This is something from some latin country, the lady looks like indian/inca/ etc.as well, and I think this is something about architecture, maybe similar to lego but in a different way, so to say. You may check the site and get an answer.


    1. Thanks for your comment Nadeja! I also looked for Arki junior before and it has to do with architecture, but the website does not give answers about the image. I think this image just was used to promote architecture, but it does not seem that they have made this structure themselves. I think you’re right that it is in a Latin country.

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