Living the end times strategies

It should be no mystery that we are living in the end times. Based on a lot of comments on my other videos, I felt led to give some strategies that can help others be prepared for the end times.

  • 1)Do not believe the news
  • 2)Be very strict what your children are watching and listening to
  • 3) Read your bible daily and make your kids do the same
  • 4) Understand the end game and you won’t be distracted by all the moving parts
  • 5) Beware of these churches
  • 6) Just because someone says they are Christian does not make it so
  • 7) Don’t argue or debate with atheists, non-believers, or anyone else unless you are very strong in doctrine and know how to speak in love and patience
  • 8) Keep your circle very small
  • 9) You must engage in Spiritual warfare
  • 10) Understand what the Lord has said about Mystery Babylon

See the video below for more explaination about these points.

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