Spotting satellites and star gazing

Spotting satellites and star gazing 8-5-2016

Tonight (date 8-5-2016) i’m going to give it a try: spotting satellites! With my Canon (35× optical zoom) i will try to see if what i see in the night sky is actually a satellite. With the description of a reporter of the BBC it should be a piece of cake to see them. Also i’m going t film some stars. The last time i filmed them, there were very beautiful colors to see on them. Now with better equipment the quality of the video will be much higher.

Different colors of just one star!
Different colors of just one star! 


 Results satellite spotting and star gazing

Yesterday (8-5-2016) i went out to spot satellites in the sky. I also filmed some stars. The results are quite interesting: I did not expect to see something that could be a satellite, but in fact i did! There were small dots that did not look like regular planes (no flashing lights) but these dots that moved across the sky were lit like a small star.

I will not say that they are actually satellites, because there are still many reasons that i have talked about why satellites do not exist (see previous post). What these actually are i don’t know, but the most likely is in my opinion that these are man-made objects like drones or high altitude planes. I will try to film this as well and i’m going to investigate these sightings some more to get more understanding of what it most likely is what i saw.

The following is a video about the observations of stars. In my opinion, after seeing this with my own eyes i believe that stars are definitely no suns. This can be concluded because some stars flash and change colors. Some stars can even be seen flashing with the naked eye.