You should ask questions

A post from my old blog:

I thought about this the last time: Why do people ask so few questions?

When I’m at the study there are many people who never ask questions. When i ask people if they believe evolution or the big bang they always say something like: “scientists have investigated this, so it must be true” or “there is a lot of evidence that proves it is true” or “I don’t think about this stuff, i’m just living”

It is just unbelievable that people buy this pseudoscience without questioning it. How can they blindly believe those so-called scientists!? Because after all who did ever see evoluton or the big bang happen or did see the earth from a milion miles away? – no one.

The big bang, evolution and what NASA does are nothing more than pseudo science!

If you think how i did come to this conclusion, i would recommend you to research. Yes, research. Use your common sense and research the big bang and evolution and you may start to see that it cannot be true. And it is just a theory of how something might have been happened. Also research NASA. Watch their pictures, investigate satellites, watch their footage and compare. And you will start to see that nothing adds up with NASA.

My point here is not that you need to investigate everything i mentioned, what i want is that you may start to see that there might be a possibillity that not always the truth is being told about what we are, where we are and where we came from.

I wish you the best with researching. This is what you need to do: Ask questions!