(S)elected – Trump or Hillary?

The presidential election of 2016 has been started. Who’s it going to be: Clinton or Donald? I make it sound like we actually have a choice. It would seem an obvious decision for a Christian: One would assume that I would vote for Trump. The truth is I would never vote for the Democrat or Republican. Nobody is running for office!


Nobody is running for office!


I firmly believe that voting for the lesser evil doesn’t make it right, or the solution. Voting in a satanic system makes no sense. To begin with this: politicians have been selected, not elected. For years we, the people have nothing to do with the presidential (s)election. The Illuminati determine who will fulfil their agenda and interests. With no question and no hesitation. If someone who’s selected for their executive power, they stay with the delusion that they have control. Generally it appears that the elite are having a specific bloodline that they want to keep the leadership with. Specifically the United States.

Donald Trump sounds like he has a few good ideas for the country and he’s way more believable in being genuinely concerned for America’s best interests than Hillary Clinton could ever be. Keep in mind that Donald Trump is just controlled opposition politician. Just like every other two faced politician

Donald Trump is perfect media distraction from the inevitable dismantling of this once great country. Donald Trump is an actor and Donald truly has no clue how to fix things. Incompetent and sinister leaders of past days have been chosen for the people of this nation. look we are deep into a dilemma that cannot and will not be changed or fixed or made better or ever take us to the America we used to be proud of and willing to defend. I really do hate sounding so cynical about our future. Unfortunately that is the result of just simply trying to be fearless to the truth.

However I do it for you, as a true follower of the way. If you are indeed someone who has a relationship with  Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Do not, I repeat do not bother voting at all. A true Christian is razor sharp when discerning these things. If you do have the understanding that this system is ruled by Satan. You should know that is rigged to the core and its about to abolish Christian values and beliefs. If you have been on earth long enough to see the last (s)elections you should honestly have no problem realizing that presidents are just puppets for the TV. Both parties are one and the same ruled by a small one percent.

What exactly is changing for the better? Things will only continue to worsen and they will inevitably lead us into a world war with economic collapse, so the best advice I can give in these end times is be Prepared. Yes prepare yourselves spiritually, put on your full armour of God and stand firm to the end. Pray for those who do not have a Relationship with Jesus. Everything is speeding up, prophecies continue to unfold. Vote for Jesus and I promise you will be victorious, no matter what the near future holds.


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