Signs in the sky… Is a holographic alien invasion possible?

You have maybe heard about Blue Beam and about the kinds of speculations that people have been doing for many years now about a fake alien invasion and how they could possibly project things into the atmosphere up into the sky using hologram technology.

If anyone out there still has any doubt about the feasibility of this, I would just say take a look at this footage. From a recent show done by a DJ Eric Prydz or Prydz the show is in London but it’s people are posting these videos under the title of the title world’s largest hologram. It’s hard to doubt that this could indeed be the world’s largest hologram, but at least we’ve seen in you know the public at this point

Imagine if this was thousands of feet up in the sky in the atmosphere over a city and you saw some sort of alien ship or whatever they wanted. Would you be able to tell whether it was real or not?

It’s funny how a number of these Holograms are space-themed of course got a satellite there’s like a galaxy and of course the spaceman, the Swedish spaceman, because eric prydz. There is lots of symbolism going to get into, the footage says it all.

Alien. = Neil. A. = A. lie.