The Bible – A NWO Control Mechanism Like The Globe?

Nothing is as as divisive as religion, because it has split families. It has even split countries. We have been all sold this bullshit about the globe, but is the Bible a control mechanism? The purpose of religion is controlling the masses. Some people say the Bible is a tool of the New World Order and Christianity is being pushed by the same people pushing the false globe model.

I don’t know how many times now I’ve heard people expressing these and similar sentiments, but it’s but it’s safe to say that such claims are being made with increasing confidence. Especially within the flat earth the movement, even though I don’t like using that term. Let’s face it. On certain levels it’s actually quite understandable how people can find such statements to sound very reasonable.

All you have to do is point to things like the Vatican or the numerous Protestant mega churches and they’re phony prosperity teachings, or you can point to the blatant New World Order politicians such as the bushes and their self-professed Christian values. Even Obama and Hillary Clinton have claimed Christian faith. You can point to the British Royal Family, you can point to have the Freemasons place a Bible on the table in the center of their rituals. You can point to the Zionist teachings or you can point to how many church institutions and pulpits have absolutely been used to further the propaganda of the global war on terror.

You can say these kinds of things all day long and seem to make a pretty sound argument that the Bible must be a mechanism of control perpetrated by the ruling elite. But until you dare to actually open the pages of this controversial texts and read it for yourself and see what it actually says…


But until you dare to actually open the pages of this controversial texts and read it for yourself and see what it actually says…


In contrast to all the layers upon layers of religion that have merely built themselves up over the centuries in the name of God in the name of Jesus in the name of the Bible, when you read what the Bible actually says you find that it’s in fact diametrically opposed to everything being professed and pushed by the wicked powers which control governments, militaries, media and finance. In our day the Bible is divisive, but it’s actually even far more divisive than most of its detractors, typically even fathom. It goes so far as to divide the entire kingdom of God, which is an eternal heavenly kingdom from all the kingdoms of this world which are all ultimately serving the agenda of a fallen spiritual entity. The fallen angel named Lucifer.

Jesus teaches us to invest in the kingdom of heaven, to invest in the lives needs of other people and not to invest in the things of this world, which are only temporary. Monetary wealth, positions, power, fame are all considered idols in the eyes of God, according to the Bible. Yet the pursuit of these things is essentially the blueprint by which our entire modern society functions. Do you really think that the Bible support such concepts as the utterly corrupt central banking system? Do you think Wall Street speculation and manipulation is a biblical concept?


Do you think Wall Street speculation and manipulation is a biblical concept?


But what about war? There is war and bloodshed in the Old Testament? Surely this means that the Christian God is a fear-based tyrannical figure who serves to push people deeper into senseless warfare filled by blind patriotic fervor? Again, if you look past the anecdotes and to those using the Bible it is nothing more than a militaristic prop. Actually read the words of the Bible itself, again you will find that it teaches the precise opposite of the world’s belief in warfare and military might. The Bible teaches that we do have an enemy, but that enemy is not any of our fellow brothers and sisters of humanity. Our enemy is a completely evil spiritual being and this being is in fact precisely who all the human agents of the New World Order are serving.

There’s honestly nothing more ridiculous than the argument which tries to say that the Illuminati are the ones who actually came up with the Bible and the gospel message. On every level and in every conceivable way this is just a complete inversion of the truth. It’s plain to see if only you read the Bible for yourself.


It’s plain to see if only you read the Bible for yourself.


The Bible is in fact where God has prophetically told us ahead of time what the New World Order agenda is all about. It’s been spelled out for us 2,000 years ago. A one world economy and a cashless society, being foretold that when money is still universally existed in the form of golden silver coins and jewels. A one-world religion, a type of a seemingly new religion where mankind essentially worships himself and through worshipping himself he is by extension worshipping the Fallen entity, who first told the spiritual ideas humanity in the first place. That fallen entity is Satan.

It all really comes down to the question that determines what a person is willing to accept or reject. What kinds of strange arguments they will come up with, to try and rationalize their position is irrelevant.

In Flat Earth we see lots of people coming to the place of embracing the idea of a creator, but simply embracing the vague concept of a creator or some type of divine source is of course still far removed from embracing the possibility that the Creator is completely holy and good. It’s difficult enough for some people to come to where they actually acknowledge a creator. Of course it’s even more difficult to then admit that we as the pinnacle of this creation, or are actually sinful, and that were in need of redemption, in need of a savior, in need of forgiveness, in need of the cross: Jesus’s death on the cross and his resurrection from the dead are in fact the most anti New World Order claims in the entire world!


Jesus’s death on the cross and his resurrection from the dead are in fact the most anti New World Order claims in the entire world!


The gospel of Christ is really the only thing that actually defies the belief system of the powers that be. At its core to believe that we as humanity will save ourselves, that we will achieve some kind of self-rock Redemption, achieve some kind of quantum leap in our collective consciousness: this is absolutely the very message being pushed behind things like the UN and Hollywood. Every Rockefeller think tank and economical church summit and everything else. What a sad irony. It really is that so many people in the flat earth movement wish that other people would wake up from the deception of heliocentrism. If only they would just stop and take a look at the evidence for themselves, and ask the difficult questions, and look beyond the regurgitated arguments of the majority that claim that the Bible is a control mechanism.

When it comes to the issue of the Bible. They turn around and do the very same thing: they don’t look for themselves, because they don’t want to challenge their own internal sense of self-realization, self-direction and self-rule. They’ll say things like do whatever you want, as long as you don’t mess with someone else’s space, oblivious to the fact that they’re basically parroting the most famous quote of Aleister Crowley, who’s been the hero of the Satanic ruling lead, high priest of the New World Order whose magical system is embedded throughout things like the 911 false flag attacks. They refuse to see how they are indeed swallowing the very core tenants of luciferianism, imagining themselves to be so different from the all the other people have been deceived by such false promises of humanity: Achieving a higher consciousness and some future self-manifested utopia, and that’s where the term new age comes from.


”They’re basically parroting the most famous quote of Aleister Crowley”


After all, it’s simply describing the belief in a future where humanity will somehow save itself and once again realize its own divine nature. This is what every branch of New World Order propaganda teaches in one form or another. This is what the entire premise of secular humanism is all about, it’s what evolution is all about, it’s even what all institution religions as well as all the completely non institutional forms of spirituality… All of them except for the message of Jesus.

Jesus did not teach to die for – nor did he come back to life for religion. He did all that to bring truth, to bring life, to bring salvation. He made us free from the enslaving power of sin, which is the thing that the Fallen powers of this wicked world constantly feed upon to further insulate us. Jesus sets us free from all of it! He’s the servant king and he absolutely does love you, he loves us to a degree that is just beyond our own internal comprehension of what love even means and he’s ready to set you free. Wherever you are right now, whatever state your life is in, He is absolutely real, and he is alive, and he has more power than all the armies, banks, government agencies and everything else in the world put together!


Is the Bible A Control Mechanism, Like The Globe