Veganism: The Chemical Based Diet

Veganism must be the most unnatural and unhealthy diet ever. If you look at what supplements there is needed to be ”healthy” it must be clear that is is definitely very unhealthy. Some supplements that are used a lot are B12, vitamin A, D, E, Iron, Creatine and many many more. That vegans use so many pills is really strange if they are all about health. The only reason why they should maintain this diet is just because vegans think that it is better for the planet, but what is more important? I would make sure to improve my own health before letting myself think that i should starve myself, because the government wants that due to climate change.

So i  heard on a interview of Sv3rige with Panda who was telling about her ex-vegan story. She mentioned that veganism is not really a plant-based diet, but you can call it better a chemical-based diet. This inspired me to make a short compilation of chemicals that vegans use to maintain their basic health.

See my video: Veganism: The Chemical Based Diet.

Video and post made by: Mediocre monday