Indoctrination Awareness Quiz – How brainwashed are you?

Are you unsure if you are indoctrinated and brainwashed with false information?

I will ask  you a series of 20 questions that will determine how indoctrinated you have become with men’s lies influenced by Satan himself. Once this is over we will evaluate your answers:

  1. Yes or no: Do you believe that between the years of 1969 and 1932 we  sent  twelve men to the moon and returned them back to earth safely?
  2. Yes or  no: Do  you  believe that chemtrails are just a blanked  of protection  being sprayed in the sky for our benefit from the harmful effects of the sun?
  3. Yes or no: Do you believe that  former president from the united states john F Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald alone?
  4. Yes or no: Do you believe that Mormonism, Jehovah’s witnesses and  Catholicism  are all Christian beliefs?
  5. Yes or no: Do you will believe that on 9/11 Muslim terrorists orchestrated  and acted out the events that took place in New York, Washington  DC,  and Shanksville, Pennsylvania?
  6. Yes or no: Do you believe that dinosaurs never walked with humans and only lived millions of years ago or never even existed at all?
  7. Yes or no: Do you believe that information or material can come into existence from nothing or random mutation?
  8. Yes or no: Do you believe that  somewhere around the number of six million or more Jews were exterminated in gas chambers and furnaces by Nazi soldiers known as the holocaust?
  9. Yes or no: Do you believe that US presidential voting is legitimate and president are elected by citizens?
  10. Yes or no: Do you believe that thousands of man-made satellites orbit our daily, providing us our communications and weather data as well as other top  secret information?
  11. Yes or no: Do you believe that pedophilia, child molestation and sex trafficking are a small problem that does not concern the US government officials or elite perversions?
  12. Yes or no: Do you believe that we live in  a fast multiverse and aliens or E.T.’s are more than likely real?
  13. Yes or no: Do you believe that mainstream media news is a truthful and reliable source of factual information ?
  14. Yes or no: Do you believe that being gay or bisexual or gender challenged is something you are naturally born with?
  15. Yes or no: Do you believe that the Illuminati, , Freemasons, Jesuits, Zionists and even Satan the evil adversary of God  are all just a bunch of concocted stories?
  16. Yes or no: Do you believe that the governments of the world we have serve our best interests and really are trying to make this world peaceful?
  17. Yes or no: Do you believe scientists are accurate and are unbiased of what is fact concerning the study of anything and everything?
  18. Yes or  no: Do you think that being a Satanist doesn’t really mean you believe in or worship Satan?
  19. Yes or no: Do you believe that abortion is not murder and that it  uses a woman’s choice?
  20. Yes or no you: Do you believe that we live on a ball that is spinning on its own axis at 1,000 miles per hour while it’s going around the Sun at 67,000 miles per  hour while the  Sun goes through the infinite space in multiverses at 45,000 miles per hour?

Now let’s see the answers and see how indoctrinated you are:

If you have no to all of these questions: you are truly a soldier of the sacred defiance and you are always  battle ready with the armor of god congratulations! You are able to see through all the lies using the discernment of the Holy Spirit

Yes to 1 to 3 of these  questions: there is hope for you, and you have the potential to easily unplug from the matrix alive and make yourself free in a few hours of research.

Yes 4 to 10 of these questions: It is important for you to do some serious research through sources and prayer for Holy Spirit guidance to make this person see trough the lies.

Yes to 10-15 these questions: you will more than likely reject anything that doesn’t fit with your secular worldview. Much prayer is needed for this person to see trough the lies.

Yes to 15 or more of  these questions: then you are more than likely willfully ignorant and all suffer from severe cognitive dissidence you either have the IQ of a fish or consciously work for Satan and further his agenda for your own selfish game. Your are in denial of this and have your position in Satan’s army  there is no hope left, only by a miracle of Joshua you will ever be able to see, because more than likely  you don’t want to be unplugged even when the truth is shown right before you.

Inspired by Mr. Moot
Indoctrination awareness quiz