For people who are searching for truth, this documentary is very good. The documentary exposes the pseudo-scientific lies of scientism very well. Those lies are: the big bang, evolution and heliocentrism and control a great part of humanity spiritually.
I love this documentary very much, because it shows people many connections in a logical and professional way. It is clear that the makers of this documentary put much energy and time to make this complete documentary.
It is clear that the message is very important. It would be good that it is shared with many people.

What if there has been an agenda to keep people from the Truth of God? What if everything modern day science has taught you about your origins is wrong? Make no mistake; the very foundation of all of mankind’s “knowledge” depends on what is believed to be the Truth about the Origin of all that exists. “Scientism Exposed” is the long-awaited documentary film uncovering the spiritual agenda and deception with the scientific worldview that many teach today as proven truth and fact. Do you believe in billions or do you believe in the Bible?