The Belief Of Authority – An Indoctrinated Belief

Government is the exercise of authority over a people or place and that is basically the right to rule. It’s not just the ability to control other people because most people in one way or another, it’s the right. It’s the idea that certain people may rule over others. It’s legitimate for them to forcibly control others. It is a purely indoctrinated belief. It doesn’t actually make any sense in practical terms or an evidence or logic.

For years I thought it was a really good analogy to compare government to religion and only a few years ago did I realize it’s not an analogy: it is a religion in every way! It has a super human deity. Government has rights that mortals don’t. It isn’t restricted by the rules that apply to mortals. It issues commands and if you disobey, you’re a sinner and you deserve to be punished. The faith of the true believers, they have great faith in these bizarre rituals, elections, legislation and appointments. They dress up and then they say now I represent government I know I just look like a person but I don’t just have the rights of a person, because I represent the magical deity called government. So I’m allowed to demand your money and toss you around and hurt you. If you disobey me I’m acting on behalf of government. It has Commandments called laws and these laws aren’t just the threats of humans they are decrees from something superhuman.

So all you good people out there should bow to this and if you want the world fixed: this is what you pray to. We give you certain rituals of how to pray to it and when you’re supposed to pray to it and pray to this God to make the world what you wish it and to save you from all the uncertainties of reality. We have the right to rule you, because you decided we did even if you didn’t vote for us and even if you oppose everything we do to you. While they represent us they represent us by doing a lot of things that we don’t have the right to do. They represent us by bossing us around and taking our money. I bet if I went to my neighbor and boss around and took his money and said I’m representing you, you would say what?! What a stupid thing to say to me.

The most insane is ‘’we are the government’’ which you hear everywhere and I asked somebody: Do you really not Notice that there’s a group of people over there, they issue threats and they call them laws and they issue demands for money and they call it taxes. If you disobey, they send men with guns to hurt you; now are you really incapable of distinguishing between yourself and them?

One of the biggest giveaways that the belief in government is a complete blind faith and religious belief is the way people respond one very easy line of questioning is: Can you give somebody else a right that you don’t have? Everybody says: well, no of course not. Well how about: you and your buddy: can the two of you give someone else a right that either of you had? Well no. It only takes a couple more questions to get to: How did Congress get rights that you don’t have? They get emotional and they get angry or they get defensive or they run away. They didn’t come to this belief through reasoning and evidence and logic. They came there by having a blind faith belief smashed into their heads starting before they could even talk. It’s just something they were taught to believe that there’s this thing called authority and it’s allowed to do things that human beings aren’t.

Most people literally feel physical discomfort and fear at the thought of disobeying anyone in authority. Most people can’t say no I’m not going to do that, because it goes against their years and years of programming and indoctrination. Do as you’re told you’re good, if you don’t you’re bad and that’s the message of school and that message gets pounded in people’s heads students are taught over and over and over and over again every stinking day they’re in school. The measure of your virtue is how well you obey authority.

The belief and authority leads everybody good people and bad people and everything in between to advocate and do things they wouldn’t otherwise do. Including cops, because the cops truly believe that they have the right to do things that I don’t have the right to do and you don’t have the right to do. The only reason most of them do what they do is because they believe in authority and they really believe that legislation gives them an exemption for morality. They are just a tool of some weird thing called government. The only reason they do that is because they were taught the lie of authority and government and law along with everyone else.Authority misuse

That is the biggest danger of the belief and authority: It tricks good people into condoning or doing really nasty horrible violent things, because they think: well this is ok if government authority does It. They are raised by their parents by the school by the government by the culture by all the authoritarian message is built into everything to think obedience is a virtue. I’m not scared of the Mussolini’s and Hitler’s I’m scared of the millions of people that hallucinate them to be Authority and so do their bidding and pay for their empires to carry out their orders. I don’t care if there’s one person that has crazy ideas. It becomes no threat if the people do not believe in authority.

How many murders are committed by private people compared to how many are committed by people acting on behalf of authority? It’s not even close to the number of murders committed in the name of law enforcement and government and authority. It completely dwarfs private murder even governments killing the people of other countries is small compared to them killing their own people. In the last 100 years over 270 million human beings killed by their own governments not counting war.

That first step is always the hardest to get someone to dare to set aside his blind faith long enough to think about things to say: maybe government isn’t even legitimate at all. It takes a lot for people to dare to think of this. I have hope, because I see many people who dare to think about these things and now the number of people able to have this conversation is getting bigger. I think the belief in government doomed, because there’s too many people pointing out the utter inherent insanity in the belief. I think really humanity is just beginning to wake up to what it’s supposed to be. Humanity wasn’t meant to be owned by a ruling class. The lie will never outlive the truth.