Anti abortion memes – abortion and eugenics

I think abortion is very cruel, and it should be as illegal as killing as killing a grown up person. I collected some memes that display the problems, hypocrisy and ignorance that is involved by thinking that abortion is no problem at all. All human life should be protected and respected and a person in the womb or outside it should both have the right to live.

Kill him cruelty - kill him choice anatomy lesson for feminists abortion is muder my mother is giong to kill me my body my choice mine by the time unborn child choice kills those without one negro no human fetus no human not a person this day the radical idea that babies are people too

Under the name of ”my body my choice” there are many unborn children murdered. The unborn life is NOT the body of a woman, but is is a body of an unborn child. So you do NOT decide about another life! Abortion = Murder!

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