The Parable of the Man in the Hole

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A modern parable that i wanted to share with you. This insightful video illustration examines the life of a man searching through the false promises of other religions and finding his salvation in Christ. At the end a part of a song of destiny lab about this story is added.

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a situation that you couldn’t get out of?  And not only that, but you didn’t know how to get out of.  When you need help, where do you turn?  How do you get out?  The culture believes that there are many paths in life we can take, but this video illustration demonstrates that none of them will ultimately help you out of your situation.

This reminds me of the famous story about CS Lewis where he proclaimed the most distinguishing fact of Christianity.  Here is a direct quote from Philip Yancey’s, What’s So Amazing About Grace? (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan Publishing House, 1997), p 45.

During a British conference on comparative religions, experts from around the world debated what, if any, belief was unique to the Christian faith. They began eliminating possibilities. Incarnation? Other religions had different versions of gods’ appearing in human form. Resurrection? Again, other religions had accounts of return from death. The debate went on for some time until CS Lewis wandered into the room. “What’s the rumpus about?” he asked, and heard in reply that his colleagues were discussing Christianity’s unique contribution among world religions. Lewis responded, “Oh, that’s easy. It’s grace.”

Grace makes Christianity unique from all other religions because it marks the stark difference in believing in a God that will come down into a hole and pull you out of your mess, verses a god that requires you to earn its approval.  When we search for God, the Bible promises that we will find Him.  The difference between Christianity and other religions can be explained by the words “Do” and “Done.”

Do – All other world religions have to do with good works or good deeds.  Reincarnation and Karma are major themes in world religions and they always point back to what you do with your life.

Done – Christianity points to what Jesus Christ has already done on the cross at Calvary.  His sacrifice on the cross is what brings a Christian salvation.  Jesus Christ is the only way to God, who comes down to meet us in our own messy lives, to build relationship with us and to save us from this life.  We are free because of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It’s not our own righteousness that leads to salvation, but the free gift of grace.

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You should ask questions

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I thought about this the last time: Why do people ask so few questions?

When I’m at the study there are many people who never ask questions. When i ask people if they believe evolution or the big bang they always say something like: “scientists have investigated this, so it must be true” or “there is a lot of evidence that proves it is true” or “I don’t think about this stuff, i’m just living”

It is just unbelievable that people buy this pseudoscience without questioning it. How can they blindly believe those so-called scientists!? Because after all who did ever see evoluton or the big bang happen or did see the earth from a milion miles away? – no one.

The big bang, evolution and what NASA does are nothing more than pseudo science!

If you think how i did come to this conclusion, i would recommend you to research. Yes, research. Use your common sense and research the big bang and evolution and you may start to see that it cannot be true. And it is just a theory of how something might have been happened. Also research NASA. Watch their pictures, investigate satellites, watch their footage and compare. And you will start to see that nothing adds up with NASA.

My point here is not that you need to investigate everything i mentioned, what i want is that you may start to see that there might be a possibillity that not always the truth is being told about what we are, where we are and where we came from.

I wish you the best with researching. This is what you need to do: Ask questions!

My YouTube story – Mediocre monday

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It began in the last months of 2014 when i started this channel; Mediocre monday, just for fun. I uploaded some random and funny videos and watched other video’s.
When watching random video’s that seemed interesting, i came across video’s about 9/11 saying it was an inside job. I have had doubts about the mainstream media story for a long time, but after investigating a lot on this subject, i’m convinced about this event being planned long before, and we have been lied to by the media.
Because of this i asked God to reveal the truth to me and show it. Than a very interesting time began with a lot of research for months. I began to question and test many things that have been told to us. To see if it was actually true or not. I came across many subjects after investigating 9/11. A couple of these things were: the assassination of JFK, Apollo moon landings, the Illuminati, symbolism and controlled media. I even began to question my own beliefs.
At last i came to the subject flat earth, this sounded very strange and made not much sense when i thought about this idea, but after i have seen a video of someone claiming that there were no real pictures of the whole globe, and that satellites were not real i really started investigating the subject and i found that there were already some people making video’s about this. I looked at evidence of the flat earth and how you can proof this. I tried to find something to prove the globe, but i could not do this without looking at what nasa says is real. I started to see all the lies of nasa and how they make the illusion of zero gravity, the few images of te whole earth from nasa are just composite images, they even say this on their own website.
After finding a lot of truth in these subjects i started to make video’s about it, this is to make people aware of it and to share information.
I want to do this from a biblical perspective, because what is described in the word of God is the greatest truth that can be found. And it is clear to me that the enemy will do anything to deceive people and keep them away from the Bible and the truth. I pray and hope that many people will start to see and will read the Bible themselves and start to see and believe the truth of the Bible and Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior, because the truth will set you free.
I wish you the best, and good luck in researching for truth.

– Prove all things, hold fast that which is good.

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– Mediocre monday