Mysterious image – What is it?

When searching images of mudfossils and strange rock formations i came across this image. I’m wondering what this is and where this image was made. Across the internet i found no information or other images like this.

Is it a tiny house? How old is it and where was it used for? – Who has information about this?

What is it?

So who can help to get to know more about this? If you know more: please send me a comment or personal message.

Update: after looking on the website I found that the image is probably made in Peru.

-Mediocre monday

2 thoughts to “Mysterious image – What is it?”

  1. I got curious to find out whatsoever regarding these images. But then I looked at the right lower corner and there is a box written ARKI Junior. Then I found this site – This is something from some latin country, the lady looks like indian/inca/ well, and I think this is something about architecture, maybe similar to lego but in a different way, so to say. You may check the site and get an answer.


    1. Thanks for your comment Nadeja! I also looked for Arki junior before and it has to do with architecture, but the website does not give answers about the image. I think this image just was used to promote architecture, but it does not seem that they have made this structure themselves. I think you’re right that it is in a Latin country.

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