April 12, 2024

My garden

Since last year (2015) i set up a vegetable garden, this is for fun and also to learn about how everything grows. This takes some energy, but it is definitely worth it! On this page i would like to share all the things about my garden. This will contain information about the yields, instructions for your own garden and also some about what kind of dishes you can make with it.

My garden is about 40 m2 big. Things I have grown here are: pumpkuns, potatoes, carrots, beans, strawberries and onions.

My 40 square meter garden
My garden

Some of the yields this year:

Strawberry's, pumpkins and tomatoes
Strawberry’s, pumpkins and tomatoes
Carrot's, pumpkins, onions and blue Jay beans
Carrot’s, pumpkins, onions and blue Jay beans


Total yields 2016:

Carrots: 65.1 kg

Sweet dumplings 47.2 kg

Orange Pumpkins: 11.6 kg

Tomatoes: 4.6 kg

Green beans: 19.2 kg

Brown beans 2.5 kg

Onions: 3.7 kg

Potatoes: 25.5 kg

(Blackberries): 4.5 kg


Total: 183.9 kg

A total yield of 183.9 kilograms! With this some things are excluded, because i did not measure it. like sunflower seeds, other seeds and strawberries. With the total weight of all will be about 190 kg.