July 22, 2024

1 thought on “Luciferase quantum dot tattoos

  1. A poem I wrote last century in the eighties mentions fireflies being part of the Devil’s work.

    “Out in the wilds on a blackclock night, when fireflies comet the sky,
    hedges ignite in glowworm light, as the Devil’s beast goes by.
    A dusty ghost, translucent, slips through the wings of a muslin moth,
    sedge in the breeze bends with lissome ease white crowns of frog-hopper froth,
    and dimly lit, like the hoary spit of the sprightly spittle-bug,
    the trail of a snail makes a shining cross with the silver slime of a slug.
    There at the hub where the cross-paths meet
    a flesh-fat grub feels the scorching heat
    of Beelzebub’s six cloven feet –
    the Devil’s Coach Horse rides at night, the Devil’s Coach Horse rides.”

    There are another three verses. It was written at a time when I could not see what the future had in store and is full of imagery from Revelation (but no locusts and scorpions) and mythology. It seems somewhat eerie now.

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