July 22, 2024

1 thought on “Indoctrination Awareness Quiz – How brainwashed are you?

  1. So, I Answered no to all 20. Never been fooled or brain washed always been a observant to everyone and been guided by what I can’t explain but I trust it. I’ve had clouds burst then minutes later be gifted by safety and rescue. I’ve had my mother’s voice wake me and then minutes later she be out side of a place I was that she had no idea that I would be a place I had never mentioned or been before. 2 years ago I manifested I wining a sum of money by girl friend said at night while I was asleep I would speak of numbers. Then same way I had the vision of winning the money that I later did win. I also shared to her about I being part of a spiritual battle and that I seemy self protecting and holding a sword. Weird but since I was a child I always knew I would be part of the the second coming.

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