June 12, 2024

2 thoughts on “Importance of Shame – Explained

  1. The spirit of the times plays with these techniques to distance man from God, lgbt is a prime example, they use the word PRIDE to advertise themselves, thus doing the opposite of the teachings that give the word pride a clear meaning: Psalm 9.23 the wretched succumbs to the org. of the wicked
    Psalm 59.13 fall into the snare of pride
    prov 16,18 pride precedes the fall
    prov 29,23 the org. of man causes humiliation
    Isaiah 2.17 the org. of man will be brought down
    Isa 13,11 I will humble the pride of tyrants
    Ezekiel 7, 10 from injustice pride sprouts
    Ezekiel 30,6 Egypt will be overthrown because of its pride.
    Coloss 2.18 the vain pride of the mind
    1 timothy 6.4 blinded by the org. he doesn’t understand anything .
    And many other verses that clearly explain that the first sin of satan was precisely pride – Saying you are proud GAY is a double blasphemy. they also fake the rainbow as their flag (God’s covenant with man)

    1. Hey Alex,
      Thanks for your comment! Indeed the Bible makes clear that pride is bad and that pride precedes the fall.
      The people that promote being prideful of sin have no shame, but they should know some more about humiliation and the importance of shame.
      It is true that they turned the rainbow into a symbol of pride and sodomy, but that is what they do with all that is good.
      Keep defending the truth and the things that are good. Stay close to Jesus.
      I wish you the best.

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