July 21, 2024

Flat Earth Research


Earth not a globe review

Earth not a globe review psa. 136:6






Back in the 1890’s and the early 20th Century, a small group of flat earth believers got together in England and put out articles and newsletters to inform the public.

Click the links below to have a look at these articles and to read them. This is great material for everyone that is doing research on this topic!

Earth not a glove review Gravitation, a pure assumption

















The Earth


The earth VOL IV book of JOB










Circle of the Earth investigation

The Circle of the Earth Investigation is an excellent, well researched, and easy to understand 40 page booklet on the flat earth, written from a biblical perspective. It is in PDF format and can be easily printed and distributed. For people who don’t know the importance of this and have questions it is definitely a good read.

Circle of the earth PDF