Choosing a safe location for a home

• Make sure you buy a home that is above sea level.

• Make sure that you can quickly reach different roads.

• Choose an area where not too many people live.

• Make sure you are far from chemical and other hazardous industries.

• Ensure that the environment is free of particulate matter.

• To be self-sufficient, fertile soil is important.

• Check in which place the climate is safest from any disasters.

• Make sure you are far from military locations.


• At the same time, ensure that you are on the right side of strategic military locations.


• Ensure that you can quickly enter another country, in order to keep any national services from you.

• Make sure there is a lot of nature present. For protection as well as for food and water. Consider living near rivers, caves, agricultural land and forests.

• Make sure you are far from any nuclear power plants.


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