No C-virus testing no full hospitals #FILMYOURHOSPITAL

On the news there are fabricated stories about hundreds of people being tested for the virus. It is said that there are lines where you must wait 4 hours to be tested. Now there are many videos people who visit the actual site where there should be waiting hundreds of people. And what do they see there? No one is being tested and there is no man waiting to be tested! Also there are not many sick people in the hospitals. We are being lied to and our rights and freedom is taken from us. they tell us to stay inside so people won’t see that the hospitals are empty and thus be inside and believe what they see on the fake news! #FILMYOURHOSPITAL

See the videos:

Also nothing to see here folks:

A brand new and empty testing center:

Nothing to see here also:

Mainstream Media using mannequin video of ”Patiëns”:

Empty hospital Mississauga Ontario CANADA

Vanderbilt Medical, Nashville, NOT a ‘war zone’

And there are more and more videos of this uploaded every day. Search on #filmyourhospital for more videos!

# update 29-5-2020: by now almost all video’s i have posted have been taken down because of severe censorship. This only proves that the governments allow that the truth is being told. It also proves that they are so weak to use these tactics.

-Mediocre monday

C-virus Fear – What can you do about it?

Don’t let yourselves be fooled by the media! 99% of what is said about these things like the C-virus or Wuhan virus is nonsense. My advice is to ignore the media, just do your thing and especially do not follow the brain-dead mass. A prepper and/or person with common sense has long been prepared for temporary created problems that will arise from (nonsensical) government measures.

From a movie called Contagion there was used the phrase”: ”Nothing spreads like fear”. If you let youselves lead by the media, you will indeed get fear. Your see it happening, because many are misled by the ”news”. It is not good to be led by this. Most of these things that are being told to us are lies.

”Nothing spreads like fear”

The Bible says many things about fear like:  “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” ~ 2 Timothy 1:7 and “The Lord is my light and my salvation—whom shall I fear?  The Lord is the stronghold of my life—of whom shall I be afraid?” ~ Psalm 27:1.

You do not have a sound mind when being led by people who do not care about what is true or not. Fear is used as a tool, because people who are led by it accept all measures against the created problem (the virus). This is one of the oldest tricks in the book: create a problem for a certain reaction and then present the ”solution” that will take your rights, money or other goal that is needed to be achieved. Most of the times there does not even have to be a real problem. I think this is also a created problem that is definitely not occurred naturally.

There is no need to be afraid for if you put your trust in Jesus Christ.

Fear is a bad counselor – don’t let yourselves be led by it.

-Mediocre monday

Is abortion murder?

I personally believe that abortion is murder. I would like to tell women that abortion is definitely NOT the solution. It is true that abortion clinics, doctors and politicians (and also pro-abortion activists) do not tell the whole truth. They deliberately withhold information about the devastating consequences of abortion for us. It is also known that abortion doctors leave completely cold how serious abortion really is. Strangely enough, most doctors (and politicians too) think that the Hippocratic Oath is no longer important in modern times. For those who do not yet know what the Hippocratic Oath is: In the past, all doctors took their oath that they would fully respect life and not destroy it. These days, the Hippocratic Oath is no longer honored. Respect for life has also largely disappeared from society. Abortion is a terrible practice. I wish that abortion will be strictly prohibited, like murder of other people is. We must realize that millions of unborn babies have been killed worldwide. That is very shocking, it is the biggest genocide in history. We should not watch indifferently and passively, but take action to stop abortion! To begin with, the information about what abortion actually is and what the terrible consequences(psychological problems!). must be spread.
There are ways to avoid abortion:
Adoption: Adoption of your child is a possibility if you have become unintentionally pregnant and you have no opportunities at all to raise your child.
Foster family: You can also have your child admitted to a foster home. If you choose this, you will stay in contact with your child, but will be raised by living in a family. The advantage of a foster family is that you let your child grow up somewhere else until you are later able to take care of the child yourself.
– Let the baby be born anyway: This may sound strange to mention as one of the alternatives to abortion. But maybe you are so surprised by the pregnancy that you all see problems. Many of those problems can be solved. There are many people/family and organisations that can help je with problems.
There is never a way to justify murder.

Mudfossils – Titans found all over Earth

The Mud fossil process is not understood well if at all by most, because this science is nog well recognized. This process preserved body parts of ancient creatures. Some have color and exact details of the living creature.

Definition: the Mud Fossil hypothesis  is an observational science, proposed by Roger Spurr and others, for the apparent resemblance to living entities of some landforms of the Earth’s continental crust, particularly rocky outcrops of such life-like appearance (mimetoliths), which holds that such resemblances are due to the fact they were living entities, constituting evidence that many (if not all) such mineral forms are composed of the fossilised remains of dead life forms, and, in the case of larger rock formations and mountain faces, that some of these life forms were of enormous size.

Roger found a human hand with several fingers and a knuckle, These fingers and other parts are the correct size and shape for a 36 inch wide human hand. Recently DNA tested 100% human mtDNA and CAT SCANS of the tips are conclusive proof that this contains human DNA.  Apparenty they are mudslide victims. They were preserved in polar micro size clay.

Natural potentials in wet molecular clay force these molecules to attack ionic organic tissue. The initial surface invasion bonds the crystals to the surface. The result is encapsulation and isolation from oxygen and other decompositional elements. With this it eventually solidifies.

Video made by Mudfossil university

Carbon FE2+ and FE3+ are very common in life. Where you see black in fossils, you likely see life. Carbon and FE in the ferritin and blood creates black stains and bone char in the marrow area of broken bones. Red rust stains are in areas that have bloody bodily fluids.

Fossilized or petrified human remains are created like the fossil trees in the fossil forest. Soft tissue is perfectly preserved in mudslides by clay and due to fascia that protects it from decomposition, because fascia is not water soluble.

Mud fossils images

There are many examples on the internet of mudfossils and other phenomena that are going ROCK your worldview. At the end of this post i placed few images.

These are very interesting appearances that never will occur by random geological events. I’m just learning on this subject and hope others will do also, because i think this is very relevant to get more understanding of the nature of the Earth. Many things are related to Biblical accounts and this is again a phisycal proof of the truth of the Bible and the truth of the Creator and Jesus.

Mount Roraima

Giant’s Causeway Ireland

Heimaey, Iceland

Tassili n’Ajjer national park

Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand

– Mediocre monday