Wonderland – A Modern Fairy Tale


Once there was a land, not so far from where we live. This beautiful land was called ”Wonderland”. In this land lived ordinary and nice people, in ordinary houses. At first sight It was not such a bad place to live. This land had certain traditions and customs which many other regions also have. In Wonderland people worked, had parties and they lived like they do in other places.

People in Wonderland made the best of it. By being busy at any time, to keep themselves occupied with the things that needed to be done. This is for them the way to live life to the fullest. Entertainment was in Wonderland an important part of daily life. This was to rest after a long day of working, and it brings relaxation. Therefore, it was useful to get entertained, or to listen to what had happened in the country that day.

The way entertainment reaches people in Wonderland is for a great part from square cabinets. These cabinets let you see information that has been carefully selected for them, giving everyone the same entertainment. Most residents of Wonderland thankfully make use of the information provided. They even speak about it like they have seen and experienced this themselves, because entertainment is part of their life. In the morning, the first thing to do: is to look at is this cabinet to see what it has to say about the circumstances of that day. After this it is being discussed in detail, while enjoying a cup of coffee.


… But There Is Something Going On In Wonderland.

It looks like something has dominion over this land, something that has so much influence on the thinking and way of life of the inhabitants of Wonderland. This is everywhere. Yet so elusive and invisible.

The people who live in Wonderland know little or nothing of this phenomenon. In fact they just live by the day. But for the people who live here, this is the reality. They see the world as they are ought to see, and they are informed about everything that is happening in the country.

The cabinet where people get their information from, how can this be described best? The best way it could be described is as a kind of puppet theater where children are entertained when they are young. The only difference in Wonderland is that there are no curtains on this theater. But the people in Wonderland do not mind that there are no curtains on the cabinet, because if there were curtains there would not always be something to see when the curtains were closed. Luckily there is always a Wonderland program on, and there is always entertainment.


The Weird People

There are also other people. These are the people that the inhabitants of Wonderland do not like to deal with. They are, according to the people different. They are for residents unintelligible, and many of those people say they are not part of the country, even when they are all born here. The people in Wonderland are pretty much in agree that these people are different, but why remains them a mystery. The greatest similarity between these people is that they say there is a creator of the country, that we are sinful and need a savior because we are sinful. Something with the Son of God or something. No these people we should not associate with.

What is this idea that there is a creator, and that we are sinful? It does not look like the things which have been taught by the sciences that actually know it all. Science has figured almost everything out already. So because we know that they know everything about everything, we know that the others cannot be right.


”So because we know that they know everything about everything, we know that the others cannot be right.”

Why should we listen to these people, those Empyreals? – Yes, they really come from somewhere else – Every right-thinking citizen of Wonderland knows that roughly around thirteen billion years ago there was a big bang. That bang resulted after many millions of years to the first life, which evolved into all living things to see in Wonderland today. This is all to find in the most reliable sources here in Wonderland. That is the cabinet and Wikipedia on the internet. First, it must be acknowledged as a fact there, otherwise it’s a lie. It’s as easy as that.

We don’t like to make assumptions in Wonderland. The closet and science tell us the scientific explanation. So there is no doubt about if this is true or not. Just take a look at all the paperwork that has been created to support the theories, then you already know that it’s true. People with these ideas should not have children, because they will damage our sound science.



These people who try to ridicule our sciences are called Empyreals. Because they say they are not of this place. And because we do not want to associate them with aliens, which we believe exist. That’s why we call them Empyreals.

Who are these people and why and what drives them to these delusional ideas? This is something we do not actually talk about in Wonderland. For it is clear that they are not in their right mind. They say anything, things like the country we live in is reality very different from that we can see. And we let affect our lives through the cabinet. And we just live for ourselves. Here in Wonderland I agree that we live for ourselves, but this negative you don’t have to formulate it.

What is it that the Empyreals are always talking about the cabinet as if it is something negative. It tells us exactly where we stand. The Empyreals are saying that it is made to spread lies. They call the cabinet: ” tell lie vision ” or ” tell a vision. ‘ They say the cabinet is used only to spread the desired message to influence your thoughts. And that it distributes a large extent of lies. The truth mixed with lies, nothing more than propaganda. And then say they still do you think there is no more propaganda used today? …


A happy ever after

… But here in Wonderland we say that they simply have no evidence of what they say, time will tell. As residents of Wonderland we know how to deal with the Empyreals. The best is to keep them at distance, because the things they, stay in your mind and make you restless. Once you show something of interest in the stories, you encourage them only to more crazy statements. And there is no end to it.

The majority of the population knows little or nothing of the powers that have so much influence, the idea that this happened does not interest them, or they do not want to investigate, because it will be too confrontational for most. So they all just live in their little wonderland…

Tell lie vision wonderland a parable of mediocre monday



33: The hoax code – Meaning explained

The number 33 you see literally in all strange news story’s lately. This number has a strong connection with free masons, because the highest degree of the Scottish rite of freemasonry is 33! Also this number has everything to do with their motto: ‘’Ordo ab chao’’, this means order out of chaos. And that is exactly what the powers that be want: chaos. With creating chaos by fake news stories, hoaxes and other ritualistic events they try to push their agenda’s. Some of these agendas are about gun control, spreading fear, preparing us for a fake alien invasion, the gay agenda and all news that distract us from what is really going on.


Ordo ab chao = Order out of chaos


But why would they use this number in all these news reports? I think the answer to this question is divided into two parts. One is that it is to make use of this code to make clear that the story is nothing to care about, so it is clear for all insiders. A second way to use it is to mock people that see the connections, this is because it sounds so unlikely when someone makes the claim that 33 is the hoax code. Than this is another reason to mock the people who see it.

I have done some work to find a lot of these stories that have this number in the title or somewhere else in the text of the story. Some of the most ridiculous story’s I would like show here. The rest of the news stories I found (50+ Articles and more) I made a video about which is to see on my channel: Link to video


The first is a gun control story with many 33’s in it. This article is to to further gun control policy to make sure people cannot defend themselves in times of suppression of freedom or other times of disorder.

33 thousend killed each year


The second news story is maybe the most ridiculous of all i have found. An officer supposedly bled for 33 minutes after being shot. I don’t know how they would possibly know, and why would it be so specific.

bled for 33 minutes


And all the news about Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump is nothing more than a divide and conquer story. There are many about this subject i found with the number 33 in it. this can be seen in the video i have made.

33 times more spending trump and hillary




The number 33 is used in a great variety of news stories. Many of them are really ‘’important’’ stories, I mean the stories that go all over the planet. It is a way to make clear to insiders that it is nothing to care about, and a way to mock people that can see.

Psalm 2 : 2-5 King James Version (KJV) The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision. Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure.

To end this post I would like say something about worries that people may have when finding these things out. The part from Psalm 2 encourages me in this. From a biblical viewpoint it is clear that the rulers have no absolute authority and that they will be judged!

To conclude this part i would like to share a video i made about the 33-hoax code that shows many ridiculous news stories that have the number 33 in it.

1000 Subscriber Milestone YouTube

1k subscribers Mediocre mondayToday my YouTube channel Mediocre Monday hit the 1000 subscribers milestone! The count of people reaching my channel and content has increased a lot the last months. I Never expected to reach as many to follow my posts.

From the beginning I have learned a lot about the world we live in. Finding out all this things was sometimes not very easy, because it turned around my worldview 180 degrees. Things that I have learned about are science, history, big bang, evolution, NASA, secret organizations editing videos, the truth of the Bible and the list goes on and on. Recently I have learned how to make my own website. This has been made to reach more people, because being on one platform makes yourself vulnerable.


John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.


It has been great to meet and talk to many people via this channel. I really appreciate all the support of many who send me kind messages and helped me with researching. I hope to continue this with you also, in the time ahead to share information to spread the truth.

I wish you all the best!

– Mediocre Monday

1000 subscribers YouTube channel Mediocre monday

Google Loon – Balloon Powered Internet For Everyone

About Google Loon

Google Project Loon is a new high atmospheric weather balloon that will be used to bring the internet to all countries. Google is sending up 300 all at the 40 degree south mark. This would make no sense on a Globe but makes far too much sense on a flat ground.

“Balloon Powered Internet For Everyone”

Loon balloons go where they’re needed by rising or descending into a layer of wind blowing in the desired direction of travel. By partnering with Telecommunications companies to share cellular spectrum google enabled people to connect to the balloon network directly from their phones and other LTE-enabled devices. The signal is then passed across the balloon network and back down to the Internet on Earth.

Google says it can now deliver data at 5 megabits per second to mobile phones, or a zippy 22 Mbps to fixed antennas. For comparison, the average broadband speed in the United States today is about 11 Mbps.


Problems with Google Loon

This technique sounds very interesting and useful. But there are some things that don’t make sense about using this balloon system. For instance why would they develop a whole ‘’new’’ system to make internet work all over the planet if there were satellites? Satellites are in orbit already and they also have access to utilize them instead of another technique. Also if the balloons form a circle around Antarctica, it does just not make sense on a globe. On a flat earth as in the most used model it makes sense to get these balloons near Antarctica, because they would circle around most of the inhabited area of earth!

Beside this I did not even talk about health hazard and a possible environmental impact of these balloons.

After all Google has not chosen this name ‘’loon’’ for nothing…

Loon: A crazy, psychotic person who doesn’t care a.k.a nutter]

Google loon