Vegan Extremism – Environmentalism On The Rise

Environmentalism is on the rise in the form of veganism. This is to carry out the goals of agenda 21. With this there is a agenda carried out to reach communistic goals, only with another name: ”environmentalism” Therefore green is the new red.

The following video shows some forms of veganist extremism. Some of these forms are: Being hypocrite about setting life of animals above, stealing animals from farmers, Pretending to be healthy and deceiving other people by saying their diet is the best and ignoring that all animals eat other animals and animals products (see my previous post for more about this)

So there are many examples of vegan extremism and forms of it. What many vegans have in common is that they approve these things being done to make the movement grow like it is some kind of religion. They claim that ”their movement” is being suppressed, but there is almost no thing (besides the weather and sports) where there is being talked about in the papers and on the news. It is being pushed more and more and I even heard some vegans say that everyone should be forced to have another diet. When I think about this I realize that this is already happening in many products with meat in it where you can see that the percentage of meat in it is very low and has been lowered slowly. Another way there is spoken about is to make prices higher. So if they cannot convince you by manipulation and deception, they will force you to eat less meat. It is definitely not a good thing and I do not like it at all.

The following picture shows an example of an environmental extremist (vegangains):

The following graph shows that currently the largest group of religious extremism is formed by vegans. (This is fictional of course but it may be look like this.)

Post and video made by: Mediocre monday

Vegans should kill all animals – explained

Vegans should kill all animals if they want to prevent animals from being killed. There are many animals that are called ”herbivore” and ”vegan”, but they are not so vegan as you might think. Every animal i can think of eats other animals or stuff that comes from animals. Even animal symbols for vegans like horses, elephants and gorillas do eat other animals as seen in this video. A lot of those do not hunt, but are opportunistic. If they are hunters or opportunistic: it can never be said that they are vegan.

A hare is not vegan.

Horses are not vegan either.

Elephants eat other animals.

Bambi eats from a carcass if possible.

Gorilla’s do not live on plants only.

A hippopotamus likes beef.

Conclusion: Vegans are Hippocrites 😉


Next: watch this video to lose your misunderstanding about what animals eat. There are no animals that are just herbivore, all eat other animals and stuff from animal origin.


The video is called ”Vegans Should Kill All Animals!” because if vegans want to prevent harm being done to animals, the animals that kill other animals should not exist. Therefore they should kill them all – which makes them hypocrites that do not care about nature!

Of course I will not support these ideas that are against nature. Vegans may look like they do care about nature, but i have never seen any group of people that have such a unnatural diet. Their diet also comes with very unnatural supplements and with all of this many of them suffer with all kinds of symptoms from lack of sufficient vitamins, protein and other nutrients.

Video and post made by: Mediocre monday

YouTube Suspended Ephesians 6:12 (Galatians 4:16)

There have been deleted many channels of people who are making videos about truth subjects. The censorship on YouTube is getting more and more. Recently has the channel of Ephesians 6:12 been shut down. I have seen many useful and interesting videos from him. You can subscribe to his new channel by going to his new page with the name Galatians 4:16:

A message i got from Ephesians 6:12:

BLESSINGS from Ephesians 6:12_(evangelical flat earth christian) ( old channel URL I NEED a favor PLEASE! Could you please email the address below to get my old channel back?! The more emails they get, the better chance I have of getting my channel back up! _7+ years of uploads, 80+ videos, & 10000+ subs all gone in 60 seconds; in those 7 years I had NEVER received a strike until my 2 florida posts & within 60 seconds, my channel was gone. PLEASE HELP & THANK YOU SO MUCH! GOD BLESS YOU ALL (Just tell them my channel should be reinstated! Send as many emails as you can PLEASE & get others to send them as well!)

If you can, please support this and subscribe to his new channel.

Overpopulation Is A MYTH !

Overpopulation is another NWO scam, too many people are harder to control and “useless eaters” for the psychopaths in power. Overpopulation is a lie, but depopulation is already reality. How can Earth’s population be maintained under 500.000.000 when the supposed population is already above 7000.000.000? If the population would be this high, this would not be the cause of the problems. People believing that we are overpopulated is a recipe for disaster. Is there a more dangerous belief that people could have? I can’t think of one.

Don’t be fooled to think that earth is overpopulated. Do your research!