Agenda 21 Explained and Exposed – Enslaving the whole Earth

This plan for the complete and thorough takeover of all lands, personal property, and enslave the people in habital zones, some of which will be factory cities, where you live, eat sleep and work for the dictatorship corporate government. There will be no ownership of personal vehicles, land, homes, or the ability to move freely to where ever you choose. This is the United Nations Agenda 21, Agenda 20/30 aka Sustainable development. Our children will belong to the State/corporations, the education they receive will be false doctrine, the population will be controlled by numbers not to exceed a certain number of people.

This is the Global Government where a select few will be perched in their Ivory Towers, unseen, untouchable calling the shots. Any resistance, rebels will be eliminated, capital punishment will be how they deal with any resistance using guillotines. They have done studies and found the Guillotine to be the most humane way to assassinate people. FEMA camp will be used for determination of skill, education, race and then placed accordingly like cattle. If you are mechanically inclined you will be used in one way, if you are an academic you will be used in another way, if you are dumb as a sack of hammers I don’t know what you’ll be used for but odds are it won’t be good.

Its a sick evil plan that has been in the works for decades and goes back to the 1700’d when Free Masons, and the Illuminati devised a plan for the three major world wars and the enslavement of the Global population. It might seem to far fetched to believe, but believe me its very true and you should research it if you are a skeptic. Many have tried to bring this out in the open and have been called conspiracy theory buffs etc to discredit them. Rosa Koire is perhaps the most informed person on the subject, and had done a host of lectures on the subject, other include Lord Monckton, Allan Watt and many many more. This is happening. We see how they have reclaimed land under the guise of protected area’s, parks, No Go Zones. The lay out of the NWO cities , towns, villages will be scattered with vast distances between them so people cannot organize a revolt, they will be policed by a military global police force, and likely everyone will be micro chipped to know our where about at all times.

All these wars are geared toward bringing down down our societies, civilization so they can usher in the Global government once the wars inside our countries devastates society. They are using the Islamic Muslims to bring as much civil unrest, racism, and radicalism inside out countries. The Ongoing Conflict In the East is to keep us preoccupied, keep us in fear which goes toward us not being able to join ranks and overthrow the establishment behind this scheme. They have all but destroyed the UK with the Immigration problems, and keep the war zone making more and more refugee’s to migrate and bring their warped ideology to our nations. Before disregarding this information, do a study and you will soon see all that I’ve said is true and happening right now.

SCIENTISM EXPOSED 2 (part 1&2) – Flat Earth Documentary

This is “Scientism Exposed 2” the anticipated follow-up documentary film uncovering the spiritual agenda and deception with the scientific worldview that many teach today as proven truth and fact.

The story of how these film documentaries came about is because so many people believe that what mainstream science is teaching them is fact, there is no debate and the science is settled but is it really? Canadian director Robbie Davidson felt that questioning and exposing mainstream science was important because when he started to investigate evolution, cosmology, and other areas of mainstream science he noticed that what science was teaching as the truth couldn’t be backed up using the scientific method. Robbie wanted to get people doing their own research by providing as many details on these subjects and the spiritual agenda behind it all. What he discovered was that most of what science teaches when it comes to origins, and our world has very dark connections to the occult and is more of a religion masquerading as the truth. It’s time for scientism to be exposed in a way that has never been done before. Get ready for the next installment of the groundbreaking series.

Featuring: Aaron Judkins, Dean Odle, Emmanuel Lokonga, Jared Chrestman, Joe Taylor, John Gabrielson, Rick Hummer, Rob Skiba, Zen Garcia.

SCIENTISM EXPOSED 2 (part 2) – Flat Earth Documentary


In order to understand the many lies that have given to us over time, we must be educated on the truth. A main part of my ministry is to educate so that lies can be truly seen and bondage be broken. Many people are against Christianity for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is they don’t understand the history behind it. So my next series of videos will be educating my viewers on the history of religion. In an effort to keep the time down, it’s just a summary so if there is something left out or that you don’t understand leave it in the comments and I will try to answer if I can. I hope this blesses whoever watched. The Lord says his people suffer for a lack of knowledge and my goal is to try and stop the suffering.




If you watched Part 1 of my History of Religion series, you learned what paganism was. It’s the polytheistic belief of father god, mother god, and son of god. You learned where it started and where it spread. You may have understood more why people believe Christianity was stolen from Egyptian beliefs or you may still even believe that lie because you still haven’t been exposed enough to the truth about it all. We can’t get too deep into the truth about Christianity without getting to know and understand the children of Israel. This video will break down the beginning history of the Hebrews. You’ll understand about their covenant, the 10 commandments, and the Law they received from the Lord. You need to understand them to understand the history of religion and the truth about Christianity. The main source of this is the Bible. The book of Genesis to the book of Numbers.




In this part of the series Israel now is going to conquer the land that God has promised them. The 12 tribes are going to war with Jericho, Ai, Canaanites, etc. They have successes and failures, but this is more a story about the God of Israel making His mark and imprint on the world. When obedient Israel wins, when not they fail. Understand the history of Israel and the God of Israel. This is covering the Book of Joshua & Judges.




Ok, so from the last video, part 3 you see Israel receiving the land Elohim promised to them. They conquered much of the land of Canaan and Elohim was making His great name known. They were blessed as long as they followed Elohim, His Law and His statutes, and did not bow to any of the other nation’s gods. They did not follow Him completely and were punished many times for their disobedience. We should use part 3 to understand Elohim in a greater way. He does not just ignore our sin and let us live without consequence. If it seems that way today it’s because we are blessed to live in the age of grace. The consequences of our sins are not truly realized. But this grace will not be granted forever. Take note of how He reacts to our disobedience and sins. But moving on with the story takes us into much of the years of abundance for Israel, but as they reach what seems to be the height of their glory, their story takes a turn. Use this history in understand the story of Elohim’s chosen people, while understanding how Elohim responds to sin, while also understanding the true purpose of Israel and the purpose for Messiah.



If you watched the last 3 parts to my series, I gave a history of Israel, from the blessings of Abraham, to the Exodus from Egypt, ending at the Kings of Israel. It’s important to understand Israel because they are the representation of Elohim to the world, how He spread His Great name, and the people He used to bless the world. But this series is about the History of Religions and my goal is to educate my viewers about a majority of religions that bring confusion and draw people away from Elohim and towards Lucifer.

I’ve spent a great deal of time speaking on Elohim because He is the beginning and the end of the story, but in order for you to truly get a handle of what’s going on you must understand the enemy. In the Art of War by Sun Tzu, one of his strategies were “know your enemy” and I agree with that. In fact, the Apostle Paul mentioned this when he wrote to the church at Corinth. In 2nd Corinthians Chapter 2 verse 11 it says, “Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices”. But the fact is so many people today are completely ignorant to Satan’s devices, which seems to be a main reason why this world is becoming increasingly more wicked. So, I think it is important to understand the enemy, what his goal is, and how he attacks. Ignoring him and acting like he doesn’t exist is a horrible strategy and it leads anyone who practices it to be deceived.

It is my opinion, that the modern-day church does not teach enough about the enemy, and it been disastrous for the church. Because the church knows little about him, he has been able to cause havoc within the Body of Christ, the church. But it’s my testimony that I didn’t realize how real Elohim was until I realized how real lucifer was. When I found out that many of my favorite entertainers, athletes, and influencers actually worshipped satan, I realized Satan’s enemy must be real, and Satan’s enemy is the God I serve, the God of Israel. So, I decided to understand more of my enemy which changed my life because I began to see the world for what it actually was and not this matrix that we’ve been made to believe in.



In my last video, I introduced the enemy. In order to understand religion in this world you need to understand him because he created all the confusion. He needed to be discussed because of where the rest of the story goes. This next subject, King Solomon is in the middle of the pack because while he is a great testament to Elohim & Israel in the beginning of his story, in the end of his story, satan uses his mistakes a great deal to create doctrine for his story, doctrine, and rebellion. If you do research on your own on this subject you must be very careful because there is pure wickedness surrounding it and it could be a stumbling block for those not fully grounded in their faith, but if it’s not covered and understood, it can be a cause for loss of faith if you come across the enemy’s side. So, I’ve been praying for guidance from the Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha Kodesh to communicate this to you that it fills you with understanding and removes confusion.


In Part 6 of the series we learned about King Solomon. Solomon was a very interesting King. From him we saw the heights of Israel and how Elohim established His Great name, and Israel’s name, amongst the other nations. But right after the rise, we saw the reason for the fall. Israel did not see the result of his mistakes until after his death, but Elohim prophesied and foretold what was to come. A theme you should have noticed from this series by now, is that Elohim keeps His Word. So, we’re now at fall of Israel. Throughout the next 2 parts you will hear 2 constant themes. A King who did right in the eyes of Elohim and Kings who did not do right. You’ll hear more of the latter unfortunately. I find that this part of the Bible is not taught at the level it should be and because of this there is so much misunderstandings later on. This history directly helps us understand multiple points. The most important point is why Elohim preserved David & Jerusalem to send forth the Messiah. It shows why Israel expected a different type of Savior than what Yahshua was. And lastly this history shows the significance of the curses of Deuteronomy Chapter 28 because you’ll see specifically that Israel did not follow Elohim as he commanded. The main thing I want to emphasize is that Elohim is loving and understanding and gives us many chances. Israel kept messing up, then he sometimes scolded them, but he also gave them a chance to fix their mistakes. They continuously made bad choices and later suffered greatly for them. It’s the same thing we face in our lives today. We continually sin and provoke Elohim to anger, but He gives us grace and forgives us, but He does sometime scold and reprimand us. Use these lessons to gain more appreciation, understanding, trust, and love for Elohim.


In the last part of my series, Part 7 we saw the split between Israel and Judah. Because of King Solomon’s sins, Elohim split up the kingdom of Israel. The northern ten tribes split up from Judah & Benjamin and there was now a divided Kingdom. As you will see from this part the United Kingdom of Israel was never seen again. The children of Israel did not obey the covenant they had with Elohim, and what we are witnessing at this point of the story is what happens at the point of disobedience and rebellion against Elohim. There are many different points to take into consideration from understanding this part. What I want to be emphasized above all is the consequences of our sins. When you review the information from all these series that one the one thing that should be abundantly clear is that Elohim loves us. He continues to give us chance after chance. The ending of this chapter in Israel’s story is not a good one.

The point that needs to be clear is that He never just moved against His people without warning. Throughout this history of Israel there were many different prophets that Elohim spoke through, and they spoke very intensely against sin. They spoke in urgency for Israel & Judah to come back to the covenant their fathers made with Elohim. But they ignored it and later paid the price for it. As you understand this history please make sure you examine this within your own life. Has Elohim been trying to connect with you? Are you rejecting parts of His Word? Are you lukewarm? I’m not a prophet, but I do know the urgency of today, and I ask that you parallel the lessons that you learn from this part in the series with your own life. Making sure you do not repeat the mistakes of Israel and mocking the many warnings Elohim has been giving you.


In the last part, we saw the fall of Israel. Because of Israel & Judah’s wickedness and rebellion, Elohim removed them from their land. The northern 10 tribes were conquered by Assyria. They were taken out of Israel. Later, Judah & Benjamin were taken captive as well. As I said in Part 8, we will no longer be discussing the northern 10 tribes. The story is all about Judah. Elohim repeatedly said He was going to preserve Judah & Jerusalem as was His promise to His servant David. By now you should have learned what happens when you rebel against Elohim. Make it a point in your life to use the lessons of Israel. Elohim is great and worthy to be praised. He is not to be toyed with. Commit your life to Him and surrender all to Him.

This next part takes us into the captivity of Judah. Judah is no longer in their land. Towards the end of the 7th Century BC Babylon had overthrown the domination of their longtime rival Assyria. They eliminated the Assyrian Empire, turning it into what became known as the Neo-Babylonian or Chaldean Empire. Nebuchadnezzar brought Babylon to great heights, and after his conquer of Judah, he deported many Jews to his land of Babylon. One of those exiles was Daniel. Daniel has a very interesting story. His book in the Old Testament speaks on what happened during Judah’s captivity in Babylon. This part of the story is used as a testimony to how Elohim works our His purposes through His servants even in the courts of pagan rulers. His story is very much like that of Joseph. No matter where Elohim’s chosen people were, those that trusted Him proved just how great Elohim really was and is, and this part of the story is all about that.


In the last Part of the series we saw Judah captive in Babylon. They were taken from their land and now forced to live in Babylon. King Nebuchadnezzar wanted to assimilate them with his people. I briefly explained that when a nation conquers another land and its people, it’s not just about ruling by force. The best way to rule over a people is to spread their culture to the younger generation. They take their language, their traditions, their religion, and they teach it to the younger generation. King Nebuchadnezzar tried to do the same thing with Judah when they were taken captive. He called for the best looking, brightest young men from Judah and educated them for 3 years. All this to further the kingdom of Babylon. As we saw in Part 9, Elohim intervened in this process of assimilation and what happened was inverted. King Nebuchadnezzar was humbled and wound up praising Yahweh. This was done impart through Daniel who was blessed by Elohim with knowledge and the interpretations of dreams. Elohim used these nations to make His great name known to these other nations and empires establishing His kingdom. Anytime His true servants were tested he was there to protect them and bring a testimony. Sometimes He uses your troubles to reveal His greatness, but it only works when you submit to Him and let it show. There was more evidence to be shown of the greatness of Yahweh. And this is what this part of the series will show.



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