Gilets Jaunes – A silenced and ridiculed movement

In two months, the movement regretted hundreds of injured (including superiors), more than 6,000 arrests and hundreds of convictions. And yet many cities have known a record of mobilization for this week 9 on saturday 12/1. Despite the fear of police brutality and unfair arrests. Despite the scarecrows sent by the government.

Only for the protest of week 9 is a great victory. A victory with a bitter taste, it is completely denied and despised by te powers that should not be. His disdain for the movement is not even hiding. And his silence against abuses can no longer be called a malfunction in communication. It is a strategy. It is no longer the maintenance of order, but the maintenance of power.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been protesting for two months on the roads and roundabouts, this is a signal we can not ignore. The power tells us to “shout as much as you like, but do it in accordance with the rules”. The police do not respect the rights of every citizen at the same time. For power it is important that the people remain in their place: at home, at work or in shops.

We must take note of this and draw conclustions: When was a social movement ever so heavily oppressed?

But the wind will turn. We will ask for justice. The guilty will be tried.

But we will also remember the accomplices of this drama, those who, through their social position, their public status or their political influence, could have expressed their indignation and opposed the abuse of power that is going against the protesters. Not taking a stand is now a support for authoritarian abuses. Few associations, trade unions, NGOs, collectives, artists, journalists, philosophers, teachers, lawyers and other citizens have had the courage to take a stand against arbitrary arrests and address arrests.

Please make sure you are not the one that is not speaking out against opression of people. Look further than what the mainstream media says about what is happening, they do not tell you the whole truth, they lie.

California fires 2018-2019 | A Weatherwar is going on

There is a weatherwar going on against the people in California. There is no way to think that this is a natural fire. In this post there are some points to explain that this:

I’ll break it down in simple terms….

  • These homes have clearly been incinerated, glass, steal, aluminum, and other metals can not melt in open air (by forest fires) it defies the basic laws of physics!
  • Forest fires peak at just over 900 degrees Celsius.
  • metals need much hotter temps to melt, and they need constant oxygen, which also dissipates in a open air fire.
  • Let’s talk smoke, the “forest fires” smoke burns black and grey, trough the carbon that is released, not the white or yellow that is being shown.
  • Another thing the highest wind speed that were recorded were 19 mile per hour, NOT ENOUGH to knock over the power lines that they are claimed starting, and spreading these “fires”!

Scientifically things are not adding up on the most basic levels of physics. It is bad journalism/liars that claim that these are wild fires!!!

Do some research! Search for the truth people, it’s out there.

Video made by: Merrimour The Red

#CaliforniaFires #DEWs #Agenda21 #NorCalFires #California #ForestFires #ManMadeChaos or Natural #WildFires ? Whats Kind Of Weapons Can Do this Kind Of Damage ? #WhitePhosphorus ? #Napalm ? #SmartMeters ? #DirectedEnergyWeapons … Why Would They Do This and Who Benefits? #FEMA and the #NWO … who else? #PrayForTheVictims

Some images of strange anomalies:

– Mediocre monday

Could the BIBLE be BANNED in California?

They are trying to ban the Bible in California! The true agenda is being revealed before our eyes. This must be stopped!

Does anyone else find that this LGBT community has gone from wanting equality, respect, unification, and understanding to complete hypocrisy. They demanded liberty, and freedom but in return are taking those very rights from others; it’s becoming an LGBT autocracy nightmare. Not to mention how they are blindly following the elitists agenda. Christian or not this is an infringement on our rights. Be Aware of the manipulation. (video made by: on point preparedness)