Testimony about the dangers of vaccines – Shared by an anonymous reader

I would like to share with my readers the following comment of a woman (also a follower of Jesus) who has struggled for years with the damage caused by vaccines. Because of her experiences with the problems she stopped vaccinating her children.
Good afternoon,
I heard about you through Crrow777.
I was watching your video 1/4 about “Germ Theory Deception” and I heard you say you were interested in vaccine damage stories. I am a woman who has been damaged by vaccines. As an adult, people don’t pay much attention to the fact that this can happen. It is a very complicated story and an extremely complex puzzle that, with an immense amount of study and research, I have finally come to the place of functioning at 80%. I had an MMR shot in 1994 for college and soon after that developed shingles, extreme fatigue, chronic bladder, and sinus infections.
In 2000-2001 I had two DT booster shots less than a year apart that destroyed my immune system. I had a five-year-old at the time and barely could get off the couch to take care of him. The shingles started coming on every month (injected retrovirus), extreme fatigue, Multiple chemical sensitivity, food intolerances, low white blood cell count, Grover’s disease (skin disorder), IBS, multiple miscarriages, and the list goes on and on.
Doctors told me I had cancer, Lupus, RA, CF, no one knew or could help me, all they knew is that I had a high RA Titer and a high creatine breakdown.
Tinnitus is the latest, which I believe is from the aluminum my body can’t excrete (due to MTHFR gene blocks), and the ramp-up of the 5G has made it worse.
This letter is just the basic info, for you if you are interested. People don’t see the damage because I look “fine”, but no one knows how much every day can be a struggle.
Take care and keep spreading the truth,

Important information about vaccines! This is important for doing your own research on the dangers of vaccinating. Please share this with others to make them aware.




Is abortion murder?

I personally believe that abortion is murder. I would like to tell women that abortion is definitely NOT the solution. It is true that abortion clinics, doctors and politicians (and also pro-abortion activists) do not tell the whole truth. They deliberately withhold information about the devastating consequences of abortion for us. It is also known that abortion doctors leave completely cold how serious abortion really is. Strangely enough, most doctors (and politicians too) think that the Hippocratic Oath is no longer important in modern times. For those who do not yet know what the Hippocratic Oath is: In the past, all doctors took their oath that they would fully respect life and not destroy it. These days, the Hippocratic Oath is no longer honored. Respect for life has also largely disappeared from society. Abortion is a terrible practice. I wish that abortion will be strictly prohibited, like murder of other people is. We must realize that millions of unborn babies have been killed worldwide. That is very shocking, it is the biggest genocide in history. We should not watch indifferently and passively, but take action to stop abortion! To begin with, the information about what abortion actually is and what the terrible consequences(psychological problems!). must be spread.
There are ways to avoid abortion:
Adoption: Adoption of your child is a possibility if you have become unintentionally pregnant and you have no opportunities at all to raise your child.
Foster family: You can also have your child admitted to a foster home. If you choose this, you will stay in contact with your child, but will be raised by living in a family. The advantage of a foster family is that you let your child grow up somewhere else until you are later able to take care of the child yourself.
– Let the baby be born anyway: This may sound strange to mention as one of the alternatives to abortion. But maybe you are so surprised by the pregnancy that you all see problems. Many of those problems can be solved. There are many people/family and organisations that can help je with problems.
There is never a way to justify murder.

Against Veganism and Vegetarianism

Many times i have spoken out against veganism and vegetarianism and i will continue to do this. There are many reasons to do so. I would like to name some of the main reasons and why it is needed to go against this.

One of the main reasons is that this diet is really not healthy. To avoid meat and other animal products will cause a deficiancy of many nutriënts like vitamins A, B6, B12, creatine and taurine. You can suggest that this can be replaced with supplements but have you ever thought about how that is made? It is garbage that in many cases is not even something that you are able to digest, so your body can’t use it.

Luckily There are more and more ex-vegans and -vegetarians that come to the knowledge that their diet was causing many health problems (see previous post). There are many reported problems related to veganism like convulsions, memory problems, feeling cold (even though it is warm), digestive problems and having not enough energy for anything. These are just a few examples of symptoms that i have came across researching this.

Many replacement foods can’t even be called food. Take a look at the following list of what is in a so called meat replacer:

Instead of 1 piece of chicken you have in this thing a list of 20 ingrediënts. It must be made illegal to have a name for thise products with ”chicken” or ”meat” in it bacause it is a misleading to do so!

”It must be made illegal to have a name for thise products with ”chicken” or ”meat” in it”

Because of the misleading nature of following certain diets makes that it is needed to warn people about this. The problems that are being described by ex-vegans and ex-vegetarians must be a big warning to anyone who is thinking about this.

-Mediocre monday