Ancient Tree Research | Giant Cedars of Lebanon – Part 1

When it comes to history the world we walk on is quite puzzling. Our “Scientific Dictatorship” will have us believe that they have all the answers, but when you begin investigating on your own you find that official explanations given to us about natural landmarks and natural landscapes don’t make much sense. Places like Devils Tower and other giant mesas may not be what we are told. They may just be remnants of what they once were. Why does the Grand Canyon look like an ancient city? Why do we have so many mud fossils that take on near perfect shapes of giants, flora and fauna? What really is the Eye of Sahara? These are just a few questions, but the real question is were there actually giant trees that have been cut down? Are the forests of today merely miniature reflections of what they were in the past?


The earth is still full of mystery and the more people that we get looking into this, the more we find out. Without a video called ‘No Forests on Flat Earth’, many people, including me, would have never even looked at this and now it’s resonating with people everywhere. Was there really a giant tree at the center of all things called the Tree of life with more massive trees scattered all over the earth plane? We want to know all that stuff.

This following video is made by: ODD Reality, Rosette Delacroix, Shadie and CrackerWV.


2 thoughts to “Ancient Tree Research | Giant Cedars of Lebanon – Part 1”

  1. Hello and good day !
    I have been researching and cross referencing for some time many things pertaining to the book of Enoch, Jasher, the Nostic Gospels and Christian bible at great length. I thouroghly enjoyed your videos and 100% believe it’s TRUE. That trees where vastly larger in the time of the Nephalym. Whom I also believe where as much as 1260 meters tall. (3000 ells) Although the conversion or interpretation of an “ell” seems to vary.
    Pretty amazing stuff tho. Especially considering that the scriptures support all of this.
    Thank you for contributing to my education.
    Scott A. Coates

    1. Hi Scott,

      Thank you for your comment! It is certainly interesting stuff. I also read Jasher and Enoch and i think they are at least good to read once. It is interesting to learn new things, and i fully support this. I wish you the best brother and i hope you will not be distracted from the narrow path, may He who is the Word of God guide you to all truth.

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