Anti abortion memes – 2.0 – It must be illegal and punished

I think abortion is very cruel, and it should be as illegal as killing a grown up person. I collected some memes that display the problems, hypocrisy and ignorance that is involved by thinking that abortion is no problem at all. All human life should be protected and respected and a person in the womb or outside it should both have the right to live.

Under the name of ”my body my choice” there are many unborn children murdered. The unborn life is NOT the body of a woman, but is is a body of an unborn child. So you do NOT decide about another life! Abortion = Murder! The person who commits murder must be punished.

-Mediocre monday

NOS: Fake news and lies – A whole series of obvious examples

The NOS (Dutch news organization) spreads fake news, lies with figures and insists on the political preference of the NOS editors.

On January 19, the NOS posted a message on its website with the following headline: “Commotion on taunting Vietnam veteran of Native American descent.”

According to the public broadcaster, a tribal elder was harassed by boys with Trump caps during a demonstration.

Fake news

A day later, on January 20, presenter Jeroen Overbeek said: “In the US it is very inappropriate to ridicule war veterans. The school has therefore also apologised and announced measures.”

NOS correspondent Wouter Zwart tweeted about this post: “These images shock many Americans. An Indian and Vietnam veteran who was in DC for Indigenous March. He was surrounded, intimidated and laughed at for minutes by young people who were there for March for Life (anti-abortion).”

First, it turned out that ‘Vietnam veteran’ Nathan Phillips has been military, but never served in Vietnam.

Secondly, there is fake news here. The uncut images show that the Indian is stepping down on the boys, rather than the other way around as the NOS claimed.

In addition, the boys were scolded by another group, the Black Hebrew Israelites, but nothing about it in the news.

A rectification has never been placed. In fact, the NIS has kept the hoax dead.

When a video pops up on the internet on January 21, a boy from Spijkenisse is beaten up, the NOS does not tell you that the perpetrators have been tinted.

The students with Trump caps are clearly in the picture, while the faces of the young people who have been tinted have been rendered unrecognizable.

Lying with numbers

Then another round of “lying with numbers.”

The NOS is clearly not happy with the yellow hesjes. On December 22, 2018, the number of protesters in France was estimated at around 24,000 by the Nos. The French police had over 300,000.

On 9 February, the NOS Journaal said that there were 4000 yellow hesjes on their feet that day.

The French newspaper Le Monde mentioned that there were almost 13 times as many: 51,400. Another source was talking about over 111,000 (!) demonstrators.


Also about Venezuela the NOS spreads fake news. On February 8, the Journal said that venezuelan President Maduro’s army is holding back American relief supplies for the starving population at the main border crossing with Colombia.

What does it show? The border crossing has been closed since 2016 due to disagreement between the two countries, not because of the arrival of relief goods.

No time to speak

The correspondent reported that “we have seen a significant increase in the number of extreme right-wing demonstrations in recent years”. However, he did not mention facts or figures. A large part of the News was about the “demonstration” in Washington, where only 20 people finally showed up. Twenty. On 1 August, the NOS paid attention to the burqa ban in Denmark. Around 200 women in that country wear face-covering clothing. The NOS only spoke to people who were against the ban. People who were in favor of the ban and who were the majority of the Danish population, did not receive speaking time.

Fake news about fake news

On January 11, the NOS took an investigation that would show that older people shared the most fake news around the 2016 US presidential election.

Media platform The New Reporter said of the research: “These are not robust numbers to fully sypport the hypothosis that age affects the spread of fake news.”

Video: NOS reporter gets a sticker on his shoulder with the text ”NOS = FAKE NEWS. This happened on the farmers protest in the Netherlands on 18 december 2019.

There is also an example of framing of an interview of Putin:

Please share this information to make people aware of the tax-payed manipulation of the government.

– Mediocre monday