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Exposed Page Exposing NASA Intro video – New channel

Exposed Page Exposing NASA Intro video – Exposing NASA
News for nasa: New channel with the purpose to expose the lies of nasa. This is done by uploading video’s and sharing them, to make people aware.
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Exposing NASA: exposes usa space program, china space program, and other space agencies also there are coming new YouTube videos about the nasa mars mission.

NASA Is Just One Big Show

NASA Is Just One Big Show

Sex Earth NASA 2015

Sex Earth NASA 2015
Here another supposedly real picture of Earth from space

Harnesses Prove NASA’s Fakery

Harnesses Prove NASA’s Fakery
Again, proof that NASA fakes space. They wear harnesses to make the illusion of zero gravity. This video shows clearly that something that pulls the shirt of a supposed astronaut at the ISS

Phenomena in this video:
– T-shirt is pulled up of the guy on the right
– The guy is also pulled himself
– Before the guy on the left moves his hand on the back of other astronot the hand is blocked by something
– The ”floating guy” his shirt is raised on his back before the guy on the left pads him on the back

60 Years Of NASA Fakery – Exposing NASA

60 Years Of NASA Fakery – Exposing NASA
Used footage from a video called 60 Years of Looking at the Earth from Space which sums up all the fakery they made trough time.
60 years of footage of the Earth as seen from Space, from 1959 – 2016.

NASA Picture Of Earth Proven To Be Fake

NASA picture of earth proven to be fake
All pictures of earth from space are fake, prove it yourself.
The pictures of Apollo 15 and 17 are very obvious, but also the other pictures look weird.

Expensive Fireworks Of NASA

Expensive fireworks of NASA
A funny video, but a serious message.

Bad Moon Rising NASA – Flat Earth

A short compilation about the fake fraud show NASA.
Used song: Bad Moon Rising cover

Is The ISS Real !?

Is the ISS real?
About the ISS.
Is the international space station really an object flying around earth?
Does the ISS tracker do what it should do?
How is is it possible that they seem to have a good time when their life is always in danger at the ISS?
Is the footage of the ISS real?
Maybe it is an idea to go satellite spotting for a night. I think it is a good to do this once. The results will of course shared on this channel.

NASA And The Occult

Occult connections with NASA
These are some examples of the occult connections with nasa. For this video i used some footage from Russianvids who does a great job exposing NASA. I really recommend you to have a look on his channel

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