Flat Earth Memes – Truthful And Funny

They are cleverly made and very truthful! – Flat earth memes. I love memes about the flat earth that expose NASA and show the truth. Many people have made these truthful memes about flat earth related subjects. I like these memes, because they show you some truth in just a couple of words. This is very often with some humor, which makes them a very good tool to reach many people. I would also like make an archive for the best memes i can find on the internet. This is to share this information to all other people who are researching flat earth. I think this might be very useful, because the memes make you think about things you have not looked into before.

Currently I have made two video compilations of these flat earth memes. You can see the video’s below:

Flat Earth Memes – Truthful And Funny
Flat Earth Memes 2 – Truthful And Funny


There are many other flat earth memes that are not being shown in the compilations. On this website you can find a lot of other memes in different categories.

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Videos made by: Mediocre monday

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