Sodom and Gomorrah Cities Found – Fire & Brimstone

Genisis 19: 23 By the time Lot reached Zoar, the sun had risen over the land. 24 Then the Lord rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah—from the Lord out of the heavens. 25 Thus he overthrew those cities and the entire plain, destroying all those living in the cities—and also the vegetation in the land. 26 But Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt.

27 Early the next morning Abraham got up and returned to the place where he had stood before the Lord. 28 He looked down toward Sodom and Gomorrah, toward all the land of the plain, and he saw dense smoke rising from the land, like smoke from a furnace.

29 So when God destroyed the cities of the plain, he remembered Abraham, and he brought Lot out of the catastrophe that overthrew the cities where Lot had lived.

No. Other. Name. – Jesus Christ ❤

Acts 4: 10Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even by him doth this man stand here before you whole. 11This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner. 12Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.


No Other Name – Jesus Christ

Sources: No Other Way – Billy Graham – Salvation…

Jesus Christ – The Way The Truth and The Life…

Song at the end: Higher Power – No Other Name

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Flat Earth, Stubborn Creationists, & the Prospect of Fedcoin….

A very good video made by the truth is stranger than fiction. With this video you can understand the the times that we live in better from a biblical perspective.

What I don’t understand is why people who believe in the globe are so adamant about disproving flat earth. If I believe the earth is flat and no one has ever walked on the moon then so what? My faith in such things has absolutely, positively no ill effect on anyone else. It’s so profound to me the amount of vitriol that flat earthers get, yet MILLIONS OF PEOPLE OPENLY PROFESS THEIR ALLEGIANCE TO SATAN, and NO ONE CHALLENGES THAT. Almost every flat eather I know has a deep and abiding faith in CHRIST. Yet these creationist overlook that but say that they themselves believe in GOD. What they really believe in is science. Science is their real GOD.